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Lighthouse Trading Co Ltd was born as a result of a gap in the market for high quality commercial and industrial lighting applications.

Following product development in the LED market, Lighthouse has evolved to supply a range of contemporary fittings suitable for a wide range of applications and in particular specialises in high wattage fittings.

With dynamic innovation and vision within the lighting sector, Lighthouse is consistently ensuring the product range is on top of the market, offering the most up to date manufacturing processes to ensure high quality, durable and affordable lighting solutions.

Sourcing the highest quality components for our products, followed by rigorous testing guarantees that Lighthouse products are far superior to cheap alternatives, this backed by warranties offered on our products assures customers that they will not have issues following installation.

Additionally, Lighthouse supplements our product range with a complimentary lighting design service for all customers. This high level of customer service ensures the end user is satisfied with their new lighting.

Brand Values

The Lighthouse Logo was designed to reflect the brand values of the business:

  • Stylised "i" to indicate "Leading the Way"
  • Curved "Beam" indicating "Flexibility"
  • Bold "Light" and italics "House" indicating "Quality" and "Security"
Lighthouse Trading Logo
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Lighthouse Warehouse


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