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1. Lighthouse Trading Company are pleased to offer a warranty on each of our products, backing up our consistent quality.

2.1 Subject to paragraph (2.2) of this Condition we shall without charge repair or, at our option, credit or replace any goods or any component part thereof  with new or remanufactured product, sold by us to you which are defective at the time of their delivery to you or which become defective within the warranty periods stipulated below provided that: -

a) We are promptly notified of any defects in the goods, and,

b) The goods are properly installed in accordance with the general and specific fitting instructions issued by Lighthouse Trading Company Ltd and accompanied with the product or available on our website. Where goods are returned to us and are found not to be defective or within the warranty period specified we will make a reasonable charge for inspection and handling.

c) Our warranty procedures are fully adhered to.

2.2 a) Our obligations under this Condition do not apply in relation to component parts made by persons other than us or to defects caused by improper installation including  unapproved automated control devices , storage or use or other circumstances over which we have no control.

b) Goods are “defective” if they do not function properly owing to a fault in material or workmanship or to a material discrepancy from the contract description.

2.3 We may at our sole discretion request return of defective goods or disposal at your reasonable cost and shall not be held liable for storage or other costs thereof. We accept no liability for any costs that may be incurred in handling, stocking or fitting any defective product nor costs from any third party relating in any way to a defective product.

2.4 We reserve the right to refuse warranty claims where your account has not been settled within normal trading terms

2.5. The following warranties apply in relation to the specific categories of product supplied:

Lustar range of lamps and fittings - 1 year from date of installation or 2000 hrs (whichever occurs first provided that appropriate Lighthouse fittings are supplied at time of purchase. In all other circumstances warranty is limited to 3mths or 500hrs (whichever occurs first)

LED range - 3 years from date of installation. Where indicated in the installation information supplied with product, sites with more than 30 fittings must be registered within 28 days of installation. Extended warranties must be agreed in writing before supply of product and may require registration at the discretion of the company.

Other product warranties shall be limited to 2 years from date of installation.

In all circumstances warranty will not extend beyond 50% of the average life expectancy shown in the relevant production specification sheets and shall be determined by on site product usage.

Further exclusions to and limitations of our warranty are set out in clause 11 of the Lighthouse Terms and Conditions.


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