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  LED Wallpack - Case Study
LED Wallpack on residential centre LED Wallpack Case Study
The Brief
The Benefits

Lighthouse recommended that a photocell be connected to each of the wallpacks, therefore ensuring the lights were not switched on longer than necessary.

In addition to this, the switch to LED meant that the centre were saving on energy costs and could deploy their funding elsewhere.

The bright ‘daylight’ light temperature also kept the leaders using the centres minds at ease as the building was well lit and felt secure.


This outdoor education centre required security lighting to be on around the residential building at night.  Previously the PL lamps which were switch controlled weren’t being switched off once daylight came round, costing the centre a lot of extra money when they were already on a tight budget.


Key Figures LED Wallpack Energy Saving Graph
Total Investment £650.00
Savings per annum £161.33
Existing Energy Cost pa £347.48
New Energy Cost pa £186.15
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 516
Maintenance Savings £500.30
Total Savings £1,826.30
Payback time (months) 48.3




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