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  LED Lowbay - Case Study
Lowbays in Factory Lowbay Case Study
The Brief
The Benefits

Instantly the light levels in the warehouse were improved and production staff commented on the light having a positive effect on their work.

Health and Safety regulations were satisfied and in addition to this, the cost of energy was significantly reduced in the first 6 months, with over £1500 of savings. 






A storage warehouse with production facilities previously was fitted with old metal halide lamps.  Due to the deterioration of the lamps, the light levels in the factory were causing health and safety issues and the cost of replacing all the lamps was causing concern.

Lighthouse drew up a design using the new and exclusive Lowbay 100 product to give a high LUX level for the production workers.

Key Figures Lowbay Energy Saving Graph
Total Investment £8,000.00
Savings per annum £3,182.40
Existing Energy Cost pa £5,304.00
New Energy Cost pa £2,121.60
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 10184
Maintenance Savings £6,667.00
Total Savings £57,667.00
Payback time (months) 30.2




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