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  LED Lowbay
Product Description

This attractive, lowbay fitting is designed for industrial, warehousing, commercial and retail applications. The patented design features the renowned Bridgelux chip.

Packing an impressive 100 lumens/watt and a lamp life of over 50000 hours* maintenance is minimal and with an 80% reduction in energy costs compared with conventional HID lights, the LB100 represents a sound investment.

The Lowbay 100 is an ideal solution for lighting indoor arenas, workshops, factories and retail outlets.

Lowbay 100 LED
Fitting Instructions Datasheet Case Study

High power factor ballast
Heat conducting heat sinks
120mm beam angle
2m Tail for quick installation
Up to IP67 Rating
Energy reduction up to 80%
Product Specifications
  LB100 LED Lowbay 100
Part Code LB100
Power (w) 100
Size (mm) 580 x 295 x 150
Colour (k) 6400
Lumen 10000
Current 450ma
Mt Height 3-6m
Alt. to 250w MH/SON


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