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  LED Highbay - Case Study
Highbay Gymnasium LED Highbay Case Study
Highbay Gymnasium 2 The Brief
The Benefits

Immediately following the installation, results were visible.  The light levels were brighter and consistent and all areas of the facilities were illuminated well.

In addition to this, energy savings were apparent in the first bill and in excess of £5000 per annum in energy savings is expected to be made as well as maintenance costs reduced in the future due to the long lamp life on the LED Highbays.






The sportshall was undergoing a redevelopment and the lighting required attention as the old scheme was very expensive to run and the quality of the light levels was diminished.  Due to the nature of some of the sports being played in the arena, they required a high LUX level.

The Lighthouse technical team visited the site and carried out a lighting survey and proposed the LED 150w Highbay to suit the needs of the customer; reducing energy bills whilst creating bright and modern leisure facilities.

Highbay Gymnasium 3 Key Figures Energy Savings Graph
Total Investment £8,600.00
Savings per annum £7,425.60
Existing Energy Cost pa £11,880.96
New Energy Cost pa £4,455.36
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 23762
Maintenance Savings £6,667.00
Total Savings £91,667.01
Payback time (months) 13.9




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