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  LED Floodlights - Case Study
Floodlit Tennis Court LED Floodlight Case Study
The Brief
The Benefits

Feedback from the members of the club to the committee was good, members commented that the light level was fantastic allowing them to practice tennis year round.

The cub groundsman also was pleased with the installation, stating that there was no maintenance involved and the lights came on instantly without having to ‘warm up’.

Additionally, the club has made significant savings on their electricity bill and expects to save close to £600 this year and are pleased that their payback forecast of just over a year and a half is on track.

A private lawn tennis club, following the failure of some previous metal halide flood lights for their courts, decided to make the switch to LED.  In association with their wholesaler, Lighthouse surveyed the courts and drew up a lighting scheme to provide suitable LUX levels for the players.  The three year warranty given with the Lighthouse Flood range assured the club of a sound investment.


Key Figures Floodlight Energy Saving Graph
Total Investment £960.00
Savings per annum £595.68
Existing Energy Cost pa £992.80
New Energy Cost pa £397.12
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 1906
Maintenance Savings £1,333.00
Total Savings £10,200.00
Payback time (months) 19.3





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