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  LED Downlights - Case Study
Cafe Image LED Downlight Case Study
Cafe Image 2 The Brief
The Benefits

Immediately following installation, the coffee shop was bright.  Staff enjoyed working under the enhanced light levels especially behind the counter. Customers commented that the lighting fitted in with the modern décor of the premises.

The café owner noted that his energy expenses had been reduced and was therefore able to invest these savings elsewhere within the business.

Following this, the owner proceeded to have another of his shops fitted with the same Lighthouse downlights

The coffee shop owner wanted a new slick modern lighting design which would both brighten up the café, making it easier for workers to carry out their roles and provide a nice atmosphere for customers to enjoy.  As the coffee shop is open 15 hours per day, keeping energy costs low was a priority, so LED Downlights were an obvious alternative to the PL lamps previously used.  The unobtrusive style of the lights ensured a smooth application and aesthetically pleasing design to enhance the look of the coffee shop.

Cafe Image 3 Key Figures Energy Savings
Total Investment £840.00
Savings per annum £547.40
Existing Energy Cost pa £904.74
New Energy Cost pa £357.34
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 1752
Maintenance Savings £1,200.00
Total Savings £4,200.02




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