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  LED Downlights
Product Description

The Lighthouse range of LED Downlights have been designed specifically for commercial, retail and office applications. 

They are easily installed as a stunning replacement for PL lamps and provide substantial energy savings.

Coming in a colour temperature of 6400k, the downlight range is a perfect solution to brighten retail and office spaces

Emergency options providing 50% output for 3 hours are also available on the 16w and 24w fittings.

LED Downlights
Fitting Instructions Datasheet Case Study

High power factor ballast
Heat conducting heat sinks
Externally mounted ballasts
Powder Coated Body
Up to IP24 Rating
Energy reduction up to 80%
Product Specifications
  DL9W DL12W DL16W DL24W LED Downlight
Part Code DL9W DL12W DL16W DL24W
Power (w) 9 12 16 24
Diameter 125mm 140mm 190mm 230mm
Cut Out 115mm 125mm 165mm 195mm
Lumen 720 1050 1440 1920
Current 37ma 50ma 70ma 116ma
Mount Height 3m 3m 3m 3m
Alt. to 50w HAL 18w PL 2 x 18w PL 2 x 26w PL


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