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  LED Cornlight Range - Fitting and Installation
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The Lighthouse Corn Light Range is a range of internally ballasted LED lamps in wattages from 20 -100w.  The lamps may be used by supplying a direct feed to the holder. If the lamps are retrofitted, the existing control gear MUST be removed or isolated.  Failure to do so will cause immediate failure.  Technical and other information is available here...
Before Installation, please note the following:

The ambient operating temperature range is -20 to +30 degrees C. Fittings should not be installed inside buildings were there is a risk of temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. In all applications fittings should not be positioned in direct sunlight or in areas subjected to radiated heat. Fittings must not be installed in applications where there is the possibility of direct contact with water and high levels of moisture or dust. Fitting life may be reduced by continual use (24/7) or constant switching.

Our fittings are fitted with surge protected ballasts, which are designed to shut down when occasional surges occur in the mains supply.  In the event of a surge the fitting will shut down and can be reset by switching supply off for 10 minutes before switching on again. Fittings must not be incorporated in circuits with Metal Halide or SON fittings or in situations where voltage or current fluctuations (transients) are likely to affect the circuit, such constant surges will affect fitting life and lead to early failure.  All circuits must be surge protected where there is possibility of surges/transients.

Fittings may be controlled by external photocells or PIRs via a contactor however no more than 500 circuit watts should be controlled by one PIR or Photocell. Fittings must not be automated by more than one device. When activated each fitting should remain on for a minimum of 20 minutes. Total circuit loading should not exceed 70% of the maximum circuit loading.


Care should be taken removing the lamps from the packaging -the lamp should be carefully inspected for any transit damage prior to installation.
Before installing the lamp ensure the mains supply to the lamp holder is switched off. The lamp should be handled by the plastic housing when screwing into the holder. Care should be taken not to touch the metal cap when installing – do not over tighten. Damage to the lamp during installation may cause immediate or early failure.

Lamps over 60w have positive air cooling on the LED chips and must be fitted into ventilated fittings. Highbays must have a MINIMUM of 4 x 20mm holes above the plastic ballast housing.  Low bays must have MIMIMUM of 4 x 20mm holes above the plastic ballast housing passing through the reflector and body. Bottom covers should not be used.  Lamps above 30w should not be used in enclosed fittings.

Fitting lamps below 40w into small enclosed fittings may reduce lamp life. Fittings should be a minimum of 3 times the width and 2 times the height of the lamp. The plastic housing should not be covered and ballasts positioned in the bottom of the fitting were possible.

The ambient operating temperature of this lamp is 0 to +30 degrees. The maximum ballast temperature should not exceed 60 degrees. Lamps not installed in Lighthouse fittings must be heat tested. It is the responsibility of the installer to conduct this test. Where failed lamps show excessive heat evidence of testing will be required to support a warranty claim. This product cannot be dimmed.

All lighthouse lamps undergo a rigorous testing regime during manufacture. Lamps are again retested prior to despatch from our warehouse.  Lighthouse offers a replacement  lamp or credit were lamps are found to be defective due to manufacturing defect or have been subjected to transit damage to the place of delivery specified on our despatch note ( but not to installation site).  This warranty extends to 24 months of use from date of supply.  Full terms and conditions are available here....


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