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  LED Cornlights - Case Study
Ice Rink Corn Light Case Study
Ice Rink 2 The Brief
The Benefits

Upon opening the new facility, the owner of the ice rink was pleased with the lighting scheme implemented.  The daylight colour of the cornlights complimented the facility.

In addition to this, the farmer was satisfied with the energy savings he was making compared to the cost of keeping the previous fittings running for the duration of the opening hours.

The cost savings on the lighting ensured that the owner will have invested his money well, with a payback time of only 14.8 months.




A farmer was looking to diversify and decided to open an ice rink in a converted barn.  The lighting previously installed in the barn was not suited to the purpose so a full refit was required.

The 100w corn light was recommended in the Alumstar3 fitting to create a good light level.  The LED Cornlight was chosen due to the long lamp life, to reduce future maintenance costs as fitting the application required a cherry picker.


Ice Rink 3 Key Figures Energy Saving Graph
Total Investment £6,440.00
Savings per annum £5,212.20
Existing Energy Cost pa £8,687.00
New Energy Cost pa £3,474.80
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 16679
Maintenance Savings £9,333.00
Total Savings £80,733.00
Payback time (months) 14.8




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