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How does lighthouse save me money?

To date Lighthouse has saved its customers over £4 million by replacing incandescents, relamping higher wattages and installing control systems. Lighthouse energy saving lightbulbs save money in several ways

Our lamps have high lumen outputs per watt (typically above 60-90 lms) giving higher light levels than incandescents, halogen or mercury tungsten

Average lifetime outputs are similar to or better than Metal Halide or SON due to their high lumen maintenance characteristics

Many lamps are capable of being retrofitting into existing luminiares and can therefore be used to correct light levels where higher wattages have been used

The instant start and restart capability of the lamp facilitates the use of light and movement sensors for optional efficiency

For Example

For Example A 150w CFL will save up to £77 per year or £300 over its 8000 hr life against a 400w metal halide or SON (based on 2000 hrs per year and 12p per unit)

A 125w CFL will save up to £35 per year or £150 over its 8000hr life against a 250w metal halide or SON (based on 2000 hrs per year and 12p per unit)

A 100w LED Highbay, Lowbay or Floodlight can save up to £45 per year but up to £1245 over its 50000hr life against a 250w metal halide or SON (based on 2000 hrs per year and 12p per unit)


Using The Energy Saving Calculator

To use the calculator first refer to the relevant datasheet (found here) to determine the quantity, the type of lamp and the luminaire required.

1. Enter the number of lamps, the corresponding luminaire and fittings 
2. Enter the cost of each component
3. Enter the installation costs 
4. Enter the life span

This will give the total investment value of the scheme 

Then enter the unit cost of electricity.

For Lighthouse Lamps 
1 Enter the daily hours used and working days per annum
2 Enter any savings to be achieved from lighting control systems by reducing the hours proportionately

For the existing installation
1. Enter the lamp source, wattage, quantity, daily use, working days
2 Enter the control gear loss (10-15%) for SON and Metal Halide
3 Enter any savings achieved from lighting control systems by reducing the hours proportionately.

All values will be automatically calculated using the spreadsheet.

Download Sterling Energy Saving Calculator
Download Euro Energy Saving Calculator
Download Worked Example of Energy Saving Calculator


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