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  Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Product Description

The Lighthouse Lustar Range uses compact fluorescent lamp technology to provide efficient lighting solutions and is a suitable alternative to Metal Halide and SON lighting.

Our internal ballasted lamps can be retrofitted into existing ventilated fittings by isolating the switch gear in the fitting and taking the supply directly to the lamp holder.

Alternatively the Lustar Range may be used with our Alumstar and Polystar luminaires. The lamps offer a range of benefits including instant start and restart, and can be used in a variety of applications.

Lighthouse CFL Range
Fitting Instructions Datasheet Case Study

High power factor ballast
Instant start and restart
Internally ballasted
Suitable for retrofitting
Range of compatible fittings
Energy reduction up to 80%
Product Specifications
  LU30 LU45 LU60 LU75 LU95 LU125 LU150
Part Code LU30 LU45 LU60 LU75 LU5 LU125 LU150
Power (w) 30 45 60 75 95 125 150
Size (mm) 68x200 78x220 78x265 100x270 100x300 125x335 125x350
Colour (k) 6400 6400 6400 6400 6400 6400 6400
Lumen 1800 2700 3600 4500 6000 7500 9000
Current 150ma 225ma 250ma 375ma 475ma 625ma 750ma
Mount Height 3m 3m 3m 3-4m 4-5m 4-6m 4-6m
Alt. to 150w incand/GLS 200w incand/GLS 70w MH/SON 100w MH/SON 200w MH/SON 250w MH/SON 250w/400w MH/SON


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