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  Canopy Conversion Kit- Case Study
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Canopy Kit Garage Forecourt The Brief
The Benefits

The retrofitting kit complete with 100w flood was installed within the existing cut outs in the canopy, therefore reducing the installation cost significantly.

The photocell controlled flood meant that the lights only came on when required. This helped contribute to the energy savings of over £100 in the first two months.

Additionally, the improved light levels made it easy for customers to use the facilities the forecourt provided.





The garage forecourt owner found that his previous lighting was failing after being installed for quite some time, and instead of replacing the old metal halide fittings, he was keen to use an LED solution with a daylight colour temperature.  However, the owner didn’t want to spend excessive amounts of money trying to install appropriate lighting and enquired about the exclusive Lighthouse Canopy Conversion Kit. 


Canopy Kit Key Figures CCK Energy Savings Graph
Total Investment £1,320.00
Savings per annum £744.60
Existing Energy Cost pa £1,241.00
New Energy Cost pa £496.40
Carbon Reduction (kg/pa) 2383
Maintenance Savings £1,333.00
Total Savings £11,533.00
Payback time (months) 21.3





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