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  Lighthouse Canopy Conversion Kit
Product Description

The Lighthouse canopy conversion kit houses our energy saving 50, 80 or 100 watt flood lights.   This can be retrospectively fitted into an existing canopy to replace standard metal halide fittings.  It creates a crisp, modern visual appearance. This conversion offers significant annual energy savings further enhanced by the possibility of wiring to a PIR.
Designed for ease of installation the kit should take around 25 minutes to fit.

Dimensions: 760mm x 760mm and fabricated from 5mm foam PVC complete with aluminium support bars and supplied with fixings.

Lighthouse Canopy Conversion Kit
Fitting Instructions Datasheet Case Study

Unique and Exclusive Design
Compatible with Lighthouse Floods
Suitable for retrofitting
Significant Energy Savings
Low payback time
PIR Option available
Energy Savings
Wattage 50w 80w 100w

Based on 8 lights used for 4,000 hours charges at 12p, 17p and 17c.

Prices in comparison to 250 w MH/ SON.

Assumes standard canopy height 0f 4.4m

Lighthouse Canopy Conversion Kit
UK £896 £752


NI £1224 £1064


EIRE €1224 €1064


LUX Level 175 260 300


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